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It has been a long time since we have done a “top X” or “best X” post. So here’s a post with the top 10 easiest (we believe) things you can do to control your diet, lose weight and better your overall health.

Note that all these tips are taken straight from the trim down club. So if you like them, we highly recommend checking out the program. It’s online and very easy to follow.



  1. WATER – Drinking an adequate amount of water daily promotes weight loss. Researches say that a person must drink around 2-3 liters of water per day. Water is an essential medium for the elimination of toxins from the body. Also water along with the fiber prevents the fat absorption in the intestines and helps to eliminate it from the body.
  2. EXERCISE – Daily physical exercise is very important in weight loss as well for maintaining weight. During exercise the body burns up the excess calories that remain un-utilized in our body. Exercise also tones up the body muscle as a result the fats in the muscles are broken down in every workout.
  3. AVOID PRCESSED FOOD: Processed food is high on calories and low on nutrition. Bakery products, cheese, fast foods are all devoid of the necessary nutrients but are stuffed only with fats, sugars and salt. Cutting the processed foods from the diet is very effective in weight loss
  4. FRESH FRUITS: Fresh fruits contain anti-oxidants and many vital nutrients. The trim down club highly recommends including a lot of fruits in your diet. Eating fresh fruits regularly helps to de-toxify the body cells. The fiber found in whole fruit is known to promote weight loss.

Taking the whole fruit is much healthier than the fruit juice and yet if at all you are taking a fruit juice then make sure that you are taking it fresh and not the canned fruit juices. As the canned fruit juices are devoid of fiber and contain too many preservatives.

  1. AVOID STARVING: It’s a very famous myth that staying hungry for long duration or eating less helps in weight reduction, but the truth is the exact opposite. Starving for long hours or eating very little per meal only makes our body lethargic and leaves us tired and instead it reduces our BMR i.e. the calorie burning rate is reduced as a result we gain more weight.
  2. FLAX SEEDS: Including flax seeds in diet has been proven to promote weight loss by increasing the BMR. Also the fatty acids found in flax seeds help in reducing the LDL- bad cholesterol from the blood and increase the level of HDL- good cholesterol.
  3. GREEN TEA: Green tea is rich in flavonoids. Green tea helps in cleansing of the body toxins. Taking green tea post-meals helps in preventing fat absorption by the intestines.
  4. HIGH PROTEIN INTAKE: A diet that is high on proteins keeps you energetic and increases the endurance of your muscles. When the protein intake in the diet increases, the fat cells present in the muscles are broken down and replaced by these proteins. The broken down fat cells are then eliminated out of the body as toxins.
  5. SUGARS: Refined sugar causes a good amount of weight gain. You can replace the sugar with substances like sugar free or honey.
  6. WHOLE GRAIN MEAL: Switch on a whole grain meal/flour instead of refined flour. Whole grain meals like whole wheat flour, oats etc contain high amount of fiber and proteins and are very low on calories. Whole grain bread can be replaced by the routine white bread. It is very useful in weight loss
  7. A BONUS NUMBER 11 TIP: Join a community. While not a “tip” in a sense, joining a community of like-minded people is one of the best things you can do for your health. Why? Because it holds you accountable, keeps you motivated and helps you ‘stick to the path’. Of course, we are biased towards the trim down club program (More details: It’s a great community, a really practical weight loss program and best of all, they give a no questions asked 60 days refund guarantee, so we highly recommend you to check it out.

Types Of Insulation For Commercial & Residential Buildings

Insulating your home represents the smartest way to enhance your energy efficiency, but also to reduce your energy bills while protecting the environment. The insulation will pay for itself within a few years only. Moreover, the comfort is significantly enhanced too. The temperature stays cool during the hot summer months, while the hot air is trapped inside during the winter. The insulation is an investment into your home. It will increase its value as well, but it should also be selected accordingly. From this point of view, a little education can open a lot of doors. So what should you know about it?

Types of insulation for residential buildings

When it comes to rigid plastic foam, there are four major types of insulation out there. They are used for both residential and commercial properties, not to mention about industrial facilities. From many points of view, extruded polystyrene (XEPS) might be the most significant one. Customers may also opt for polyisocyanurate (PIR), polyurethane (PUR) or expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Each type of insulation has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is highly recommended to determine why one product is better than another, so do your homework before spending any money upfront.

Introducing Your Kids To The Wildlife

There are a wide variety of good reasons to take your little one to dierenparken Nederland. From many points of view, this might be the most appropriate introduction to a world of animals that they only see on TV or in cartoons. At the same time, children will not just have fun while close to animals, but this is also a good way to learn about them in a pleasant manner. Practically, you get to combine education and recreation in the best possible way. So what should your expect from this venture?

Enjoy the wildlife at the highest standards

Most commonly, going to the zoo implies enjoying the wildlife first hand. Zoos usually host animals whose natural habitats are faraway. Therefore, your children gain the chance to see animals from various countries that they may never be able to visit. Anyone can agree that children love animals, especially those that they do not see in the wild everyday. Besides, the wildlife in Holland is not the most varied one in the world, hence the necessity to admire some Asian or African animals too. Make sure that you opt for a zoo that actually respects the animals’ natural habitats though.