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How To Use Instagram In An Educational Context

The good thing about technology is that developers always find new ways to make things easier. And as you know, when things get easier, so does life. Take, for instance, the first social media platform to take the world by storm. The founder just wanted to connect his college mates, but now Facebook is the biggest social platform. The founders of Instagram as well wanted to develop a photo sharing app. They did so, but after some time, they learned it had more capabilities. It has evolved from just a photo sharing app to a marketing platform and educational tool as well. The following are simple ways to use Instagram in an educational context.

Showcase work

The visual nature of Instagram makes it a very good platform to illustrate. If you teach mathematics, you can upload a clip showing the various steps one can use to arrive at answers. This can also apply to technical subjects such as art and craft. You can as well create groups where you post students’ work and encourage them to worker harder. It is also ideal to set up a private account and follow only parents and students and encourage interaction on this platform.

Automate teaching process

Create teaching content and finding time to post can be quite overwhelming. But remember that you have to keep your content up to date if you want to grow your following. An automation tool can save you the pain of posting, following and engaging users. You can automate the searching of hashtags as well to make your posts more visible to the general public. You can click here to view some of the best tools you can use to automate your teaching process. You can send educative videos and images with captions to reinforce your content. Check the account once in a while and resolve those issues that may require personalized attention.

Establish authority

You may be one of the best teachers in your region, but without getting a way to get the word out, your chances of getting known are very minimal. Instagram is one of the best ways to establish your social proof in a cost-effective manner. You can use it to answer questions in your field and offer consultancy services whenever possible. You can have a portfolio of some of your best photos and videos as well. You can do live sessions and also ensure that you resize your videos to fit dimensions of Instagram.