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What is the Best Instagram Bot Since Instagress

What is the Best Instagram Bot Since Instagress?

If I have to be totally honest with you I have no idea. That is not because I know nothing about the subject because oh boy, I’ve written a lot about Instagram, automation on Instagram, and discussed a large number of growth services and bots but then it happened just overnight.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of accounts were purged and Instagram disabled their API so that bots couldn’t use it anymore. Famous people with millions of followers lost up to 25% of their followers in one huge sweep so it’s very hard for me to recommend any Instagram bot at this very moment.

We’re in the middle of the holidays now and as you can imagine I enjoyed the festivities with my family instead of spending all of my time online. Luckily there is a new site named Quantum Marketer that reviews these bots so I assume they keep their data up-to-date as they are the new kid around the block so I think they will do a much better job than I can at this very moment.

Are those bots actually legal?

This is always a very mixed discussion, in their terms of service they prohibit the use of bots but everyone ignores it and bots away as much as they can, although that doesn’t make it legal it’s not illegal either. I never heard that someone got sued because they used some automation tools on their social media platform so although it’s not allowed we can say that it’s legal enough to play around with those tools without the risk of getting fined or worse end up in jail.

How about the ethical part?

This depends a lot on how you plan to use it, if you’re building up a fake reputation to promote your business it’s rather questionable of course, especially if your products are of inferior quality. However, if it’s solely for bragging rights among your friends I see nothing wrong with it.

The biggest problem that due leave a bad stamp on this whole Instagram thing are┬áthe so-called influencers. If they get paid by large brands to promote something on their page with 100k followers, and 99,900 of them are fake, and no I’m not exaggerating here at all then as a company you would feel pretty ripped off so when taking that into account it’s a pretty messed up situation so I think that sums it up pretty much and leave it there.