Advanced Security Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings face many challenges in terms of security. High end security systems need to be installed to provide security to the organization. In addition to the security from the outsiders, internal security also needs to be taken into consideration. The technology is getting advanced and you should upgrade your security measures from time to time. To know about the advanced security solutions, you can visit

Some of the advanced security solutions are as follows:

Master key system:

Every employee should not be allowed to access every room in the building. With this system, keys are provided to the employees only of that location which they are allowed to enter. The management can keep the record that which key is given to which employee by writing down the serial number of the key and the door which it opens. So, with this that employee has the full responsibility of the security of the keys and access. By this, you can get rid of carrying the bunch of keys and switch to only one key and keep the employees away from the area where they are not allowed.

Intruder detection system:

If any person enters the restricted area the intruder detection system activates an alarm to signal the security guards so that they can arrive on time to prevent any damage.

CCTV surveillance:

The surveillance systems can be set up to record the daily activities day and night. By doing so, you can keep yourself updated with what is happening in the different areas and act accordingly.

Keyless entry system

With the advanced technology, the keyless entry systems are becoming more popular. Some keyless entry systems include the following

  • Biometric locks: it includes voice recognition method, thumb impression, retina scanning, and fingerprints etc. of the recognized person which are prerecorded. The machine matches the voice or retina or fingerprint with its record of database and grants or denies the permission for entry. It ensures complete security.
  • Digital locks: You must have seen in the movies that some highly confidential areas are restricted with passwords. You can make codes and difficult passwords for the access control to restricted areas.

Rim lock

It has seven brass levers that give maximum security. The bolt gets automatically latched by simply closing the door and cannot be opened from outside without the key. You can open the door by a knob from inside.

Security tokens

Employees can be given security tokens like smart cards that are to be swiped with the locks for the access. Without swiping the cards the door will not open from outside and the person cannot enter into the room.