An Instrument From The Past – Ukulele’s Origin And The Making

Ukulele is an ancient Portuguese instrument that was invented in the second century B.C. This instrument looks like a guitar, but is slightly smaller than a guitar. There are four strings, which vibrate to produce sound. Here are some things that a buyer must keep in mind before buying a ukulele.

Origin of the Ukulele

String instruments have existed since ages. The very first traces of string instruments can be found in the era of primates, where they would tie strings to their bows and arrows. Ukulele was initially made in Portugal. The people took inspiration from the instruments being made in other countries. Initially instruments were handmade and later on machines were used to make ukuleles.

Normally, the body of ukulele is made up of wood. There are different kinds of wood used, and each wood makes a different sound. The strings are made up of steel or nylon.

How are ukuleles manufactured?

The manufacturing process begins with the selection of the right wood. Next, the following processes occur –

  • Book matching – the process of constructing the front piece is referred to as book matching. This process includes the shaping of the piece.
  • Strutting – it refers to the process of gluing all the parts of the ukulele’s front section. Strutting controls the vibration of the strings.
  • Construction of the sides – construction of the sides plays a major role as it defines the instrument. In this process, cutting and sanding are done. This is often performed by softening the wood first.
  • Construction of the neck -the neck is the most essential part of it. The neck is carved on an individual part of wood and later on the polishing and the painting is done.
  • Attaching strings and the bridge – the bridge and the saddle is attached to the ukulele and finally the strings are glued on.

Ukuleles have been popular since ages. Though there are very few companies today, which are manufacturing ukuleles, the quality of the instrument is still maintained. The process starts from finding the best quality raw material. This raw material is further processed keeping in mind the quality.

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