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7 Tips for Growing Your Fanbase on Instagram

7 Tips for Growing Your Fanbase on Instagram

Are you completely hooked by Instagram just as much as we are? I bet you are or you wouldn’t be searching for tips on how to grow your Instagram account. Today is your lucky day then as that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this post.

1 Start Following Interesting People

Start by clicking on the magnifying glass and Instagram will instantly provide you with a list of popular companies and persons to follow. Besides that, it will also suggest you a list of videos as Instagram is on its way to take over Youtube, if they will succeed in that remains the question.

2 Engage With Your Loving Audience

To get the love you need to give it and what better way to do it than quote some of your followers in your posts and/or Instagram stories, which are the new hype without fading. You can also do this by sharing the posts from your fans with a nice caption to get their attention.

3 Invite a Guest on Instagram

This can literally be anyone, whether it be a loyal follower or one of your idols, just be realistic, if you are a fan of Katy Perry it’s unlikely she will honor your request to be a guest on your account. You can simply borrow your account to them for a day or just a few hours and let them take over.

4 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Most people want to do it all by themselves but there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help, especially when the question is pointed to your followers. They are a follower because they want to see you grow so they are always there to help you out.

5 Share Stuff from Behind the Scenes

If you are a nobody this might not be the best approach but if you have gained some celebrity like status this is a great way to allow your followers a peek behind the curtains, it is the small things that matter.

6 Host a Content or Sweepstake

If there is one thing that people absolutely love it is free stuff, and what’s even better than free things is when it comes from one of your idols, this could be as little as book signed by him/her or a signed photograph as a goodwill gesture.

7 Use Those Popular Hashtags

If you still don’t use hashtags you are missing out big time so start using them wherever you are, especially if you are a travel blogger it’s an absolute must to hashtag the destinations or tourist attractions, especially when you are popular already this will increase your reach big time!

What You Should Know Before Buying Instagram Likes

If you are keen on observing Instagram trends, you may have noted that there are some posts that get hundreds or thousands of likes and engagement within a very short span. Your question has always been why you never get such a high number of likes on your posts even if you post on a frequent basis. You may have read hundreds of blogs advising you what to do but still, you cannot get a breakthrough. You are even thinking about buying likes to increase engagement on your account. The following are some of the things you should know before you buy Instagram likes


    1. You have to define your goals

How many followers or likes do you intend to get on your posts once they go live? You have to understand what your goals are for you to find a path that is worth the try. You may be promoting your account for fame, marketing your products or promoting yourself as a brand. The approach that you take will differ depending on how you intend to use your account. Never rush to buy likes before you have clear objectives that you want to achieve.


    1. Engagement is more important than the number of followers


You could be having a million followers but still, your posts get less than 100 likes every time you post. Your competitor could be having half of your followers but gets more than 50 thousand engagements on every post. Focus more on engagement because that is where you get followers who you can convert to customers. People are always attracted to posts with high engagement levels. You can decide to grow your followers’ base from the scratch or contract someone else to do it on your behalf. There will always be varied opinions when it comes to buying likes and some companies love them and some hate them.


    1. You still have to create engaging content


The best way to get organic traffic is by creating content that attracts people from far. Develop a theme for your posts to make it easy for people to spot your content from far. Develop an easy-to-follow schedule and stick to it as well. Do not focus on selling all the time but dedicate three-quarters of the content to educating your followers. Research for trending hashtags and use them on your posts to make them more popular and increase your outreach. Follow some market leaders and learn the tricks they use.

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