Heat Therapy for Back Pain – What you Should Know

Heat therapy products that’ll get the job done are the ones that can hold their heat at the correct temperature. More specifically, they should feel “warm.” You shouldn’t use a product that gets too hot to the point of burning your skin. You see, the primary reason you’re using heat therapy in the first place is for the heat to penetrate deep into your muscles. Increasing the temperature will do little (if anything at all) to reduce the discomfort.

How Long Should a Heat Therapy Product Remain on your Skin?

Well, this depends on the type of pain that you’re treating. For back pain, an infrared heating pad can provide the heat you need to improve your condition in ten minutes. You can then continue to use for another 20 to 30 minutes. Speaking on infrared heating pads, freeyourspine.info has a comprehensive overview of the best infrared heating pad on the market and how it works to reduce the intensity of your back pain.

When Can you use Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy can help you treat a host of pain-related conditions including tendonitis and chronic irritation. You can use it to warm stiff muscles before activity as well. And as stated above, it can ease the pain of spasms in your lower back.

Is the Evidence that Heat Therapy Works?

Yes. Results of a study carried out in 2006 indicate that people with back pain who exercise and use continuous heat therapy experience less pain in comparison to those who don’t. Separate research shows that patients who use low heat therapy are more successful at treating their back pain than those who use drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and analgesics. Of course, the effectiveness depends on your level and stage of back pain.

The Bottom Line

Back pain can be expensive to treat especially if it is in the advanced stage. In fact, doctors recommend that you start treating your back pain the very first day that notice it. Heat therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat lower back pain and reduce suffering. All you need to do is to invest in the right heat therapy products such as an infrared heating pad. That way, you’ll ensure that your pain doesn’t become chronic. And the best part is that these heating pads are inexpensive and easy to use right in the comfort of your home.