Know Your Protest Music

Music conveys different messages and beliefs, and one of the music genres that have been in use for most movements is protest music. The most remarkable thing about this type of music is that it helps a group of people realize that they aren’t alone in their feelings about the injustice. Great protest songs by some of the greatest artists are infectious, and you find yourself singing along to the tune.

The songs are meant to create a sense of community, and help the various groups to organize themselves to effect change in the society.

Music that has been played in many protests is deeply rooted in the country and goes as far back in history. Every major movement that has happened in history has been accompanied by a collection of protest songs, right from the emancipation of slaves to civil rights and the labour movement. Don’t forget the environmentalist movement as well as the feminist movement.

With so much music to use, you need to single out a few that make the protest worth your while. You can try these out and see their effect. Take time so that you understand how much the protest means to you then choose the kind of music. You can play the music using a live band or decide to play recorded music.

Choosing the Theme Song

Every protest has a theme song. The song communicates your beliefs and what you are protesting against. Having a theme song also gives you a song that completes what you believe will happen soon. When you have a theme song, you can relate to the protest much better.

Choosing a theme song is something that needs to be taken seriously. Since it will act as your anthem, then you need to make sure it is easy to sing and relevant as well.

You also need to choose the genre, which will be able to inspire the people to march along. A great genre also allows your protest members to sing along and recognize with the song. Don’t choose a song that is already forgotten, but choose one that is current and that people know.

In Closing

Music has been a part of the protests since time immemorial. However, you need to come up with the right songs that can make you and the other protesters march and relate to the song. As much as you have various songs, you need to come up with one that can act as the anthem.