Personalize Your Home in a Unique Way

They say home is where the heart is, so it only makes sense to personalize your home to reflect your style and attitude in order to create the ideal atmosphere for the various rooms around your house and to amp up the ambiance and personality of your personal space.


To create a uniquely individual style in your house, it might be time to look past IKEA. Instead, take inspiration from the following to stir up the envy of any guest in your house.


    • Scour through online craft and auction sites to find truly unique pieces that you won’t find in your corner store. Websites such as and feature beautifully handcrafted and individually made decorations for your house, such as paintings and memorabilia. Also look for products such as hand embroidered pillows and vases to add splashes of color and style to your rooms.


    • Join forces with other residents in your local area by setting up a Facebook group that allows one another to trade various items and furnishings. This is a practical and affordable method of acquiring new pieces of decor which allow for not only a stronger sense of community but also the opportunity to avoid wastage…. as they say, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!


    • Hunt in the op-shops and bargain bins in your local area for treasures which may not seem so appealing at first glance, but could potentially be turned into something incredibly beautiful. This is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and hone your craftwork skills. Get the children involved by using recyclables and hidden trinkets to create pieces of wall art and sculptures.


    • Take it a step further by printing your very own sculptures using a 3D printing machine! This new technology is accessible to almost everyone these days and range in qualities. Sites such as can assist you to find the most suitable machine for you, and also provide you with inspiration and ideas to begin creating your own pieces of art, whether it starts with coffee mugs or straight to more practical items!


    • If your budget allows it, hire a professional interior designer who can determine your personality and suitably decorate your home to meet your needs accordingly.

Take some time to explore the different ways you can decorate your home and map them out visually if you can. At the end of the day, remember not to overdo it as rooms which have too much going on in them may stifle and bewilder you mentally when you are trying to relax, for example. Most importantly – have fun with it!