The Best Armor For The Security Personnel

Body suits, armors and plate carriers are some of the safety wears which are of great importance for the people who are at the risk of attacks and likely to face the gunshots. Security agencies are dedicated to ensure the safety of their people so they purchase the security wears to provide security to their personnel whose duty is to protect the civilians and celebrities.  For accessing the buying guide of plate carrier, chest rig and other body armor you can visit the website

Difference between soft body armor and hard body armor

There are two types of body armors.

  • Soft body armor
  • Hard body armor

Each type of body armor has its own special characteristics and usage. Check out the special features and weakness of each type of body armor.

Soft body armor

This type of body armor is made up of Twaron, Spectra, Kevlar or other ballistic materials which look like the fabric. It is light in weight and suitable to wear when there is little risk of gunshot. It is worn by the officers on regular duty, security guards and officers while patrolling in the city. Drawback of the soft body amour is that it is unable to face the attack of gunshot with higher velocities while the shots with low velocity can be prevented to some extent. There is no use of wearing this safety wear if you are in the area of high risk of gunshot.

Hard body armor

It is the body armor which is made up of ceramic or ballistic steel.  It is stronger than the soft body armor and ideal to wear when there is a higher risk of gunshot. Generally, this type of body covering is worn by the military and the army men who serve at the borders, during terrorist attack and violence in the nation. It is heavier and made up of the advanced technology which is capable of decelerating the shot. The main drawback of the hard body armor is that it provides security to the major parts of the body like lungs and heart, rest body parts are left uncovered. Many times, the hard body armor is used in conjunction with soft body armor.

Full body suits

This is the type of armor which provides coverage to all parts of the body. It is generally worn by the commandos and special military forces that are on the major operations like search and rescue and terrorist attack. This type of suite is made up of advanced technology which prevents the fire attack, gunshot attack and helps in maintaining right body temperature. It is water resistant also. It has the adjustable shoulder straps which makes its comfortable for the wearer to keep it in place during the war and fights. Several pockets in the full body armor enable the wearer to keep important things safely with them.